Link 15 Apr The Dark Sinatras play Brixton Jamm Thursday 25th»
Photo 15 Apr Re-amping


Photo 12 Apr Eddie Laubinger, Mark White and Paul Turner

Eddie Laubinger, Mark White and Paul Turner

Photo 12 Apr Lee Popa @ Hook End Manor Stdios

Lee Popa @ Hook End Manor Stdios

Photo 8 Apr Monsieur Blanc

Monsieur Blanc

Photo 8 Apr Mark White 

Mark White 

Link 30 Mar Sick Society Review...»
Photo 30 Mar The Dark Sinatras

The Dark Sinatras

Photo 19 Mar Eddie, going fast

Eddie, going fast

Photo 19 Mar snaring away

snaring away

Text 14 Mar …a day at the office…

Mark: “Eddie doesn’t like the snake”

Paul: “You got a snake?”

Mark:”Aye, a python.”

Paul: “You played for it yet?”

Mark: “Not yet, I’ll get my clarinet out.”  

Text 13 Mar The Dark Sinatras play The Dublin Castle…

The Dark Sinatras’ first gig of 2013 will be on Friday, March 15th at the legendary Dublin Castle in Camden, London.

Come and join the band and welcome Paul back from his South American Tour and Fast Eddie from snowy Moscow.

Come and check some of our new songs…..

From the Dublin Castle’s web page:

Violence By Braille- One bitingly attacking solo performer doing acoustic punk but don’t think B Bragg, and although there may be more of a parallel with Patrik Fitzgerald in actual fact it’s not even that ‘punk’… a fast, zippy punkiness to the songs with a vocal more akin to West Coastin’ rocknroll USA from the’70s ting…always gets a crowd rolling, whether solo or accompanied….relaunching as a full band again. The Dark Sinatras-The Dark Sinatras are a Power Trio made up by a Metal/Punk Guitar player and Vocalist (Mark White) Russia’s best Jazz Drummer (Eduard Laubinger) and a world famous session man and bass maestro (Paul Turner, oft seen in Jamiraqui) Full on Hard Rock with Funk and dark nods to King Crimson. The band have released their Debut Album “Sick Society” in June and enjoying a growing fan base Internationally’ Well, nodding to Crimson always pops my cork so amen to that….heaviosity aplenty, groove too, so groove metal it is..the playing is dead on, mighty meaty…Burnthru- hard rock with a funky edge and plenty of bluesology but a moderne enuff twist too- Zep, Skunk Anansie, Bon Jovi at their early best…done bleedin’ well. Kloq- shonky slinky funky post hip hop groove rock collides with metal and punk to make for a searing whole, topped off with some proper pop choruses. The Band From Oddworld- Oddworld being in fact Oz world…wherein these sonic sculpters blend Floyd, Prince, R.E.M and a psychedelically enhanced strand of punk rock to make something driven and driving alike.

Photo 13 Mar Two Masters: Doug Wimbish and Paul Turner

Two Masters: Doug Wimbish and Paul Turner

Photo 13 Mar Vinyl days are back

Vinyl days are back

Photo 13 Mar

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